Dr. Jeff Brantley

Dr. Jeff Brantley, founder and director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at Duke Integrative Medicine, reads from his book, “Five Good Minutes At Work,” during a DukeWell seminar. “The five good minutes concept is simple,” Brantley writes in the book. “Take the time, for just five minutes to be present mindfully.”

1. Focus on a calming object. When negative thoughts fill the mind, ground yourself by looking at an object that invokes calmness, such as a plant or a personal photo. Then focus your attention on your breath for several minutes. When your attention wanders toward the negative thoughts, focus it gently again on your breath and the object.
2. Train your attention. Choose a rote task like washing your hands and train yourself to pay attention to the sensations of the moment each time you do it. “This is a way of practicing focusing our attention,” Brantley said…

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5 thoughts on “

  1. ligh4043 says:

    What a fantastic blog. Great stuff. Keep posting more.

  2. Jaen Wirefly says:

    I’m a big fan of mindfulness and meditation. Following your blog 😉

    • psychospiritualfun says:

      I’ve found meditation very helpful, without fail….now if only I can get myself to do it more often. lol

      • Jaen Wirefly says:

        I try to do it everyday and I actually feel a difference when I don’t. I listen to the CD’s when I drive – Multi-tasking Meditation.. 😉

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