The amazing power of faith…

The Shining Man

What happens when you truly believe in something, believe in something to the point of delirium? Interesting things begin to happen, helping hands come out of nowhere and your eyes suddenly see things in a different light. When you have a ridiculous sense of belief in something, you are in effect tricking your subconscious brain!

It’s taken mainstream psychologists many years of study to catch up to things that have been going on underground, in the left field, in the lesser known books that have somehow only found their way into the hands of the (gasp!) “crazy” people of society. Have you ever met someone you thought was a little bit crazy or delirious in their undying belief in something?

Belief is an absolutely wonderful and powerful thing, and it can be used to benefit you or to destroy you and can lead you to glory or ruin. The greatest…

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