The pros and cons of long-term relationships…


I was in a restaurant abroad with a group of girlfriends, some old, some new when the subject of partners came up. Only one member of the group knew I’d been in the same relationship for over fifteen years, since the age of 18. The reaction of the others was unexpected. There was a unanimous dropping of jaws, followed by ‘you poor thing’ and ‘why?’

Fortunately I have a sense of humour and found their responses hilarious, but it got me thinking. Is monogamy the Holy Grail or as my friends saw it, a crying shame.

As a female growing up in Trinidad, I found the whole marriage thing very confusing and contradictory. At school, the pressure was on to study and to avoid the opposite sex. The same pressure came from my mother whose only desire for me, it seemed, was to have a career, and not get pregnant…

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