Mindful stress management…

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Stressed, anxious or blue? For a simple no-pressure way to uplift yourself, try mindful walking.  If you do it right, it leaves little room for stressful thoughts – in fact it’s meditation in motion.

Walking is a brilliant mood booster.  A good walk can out the world in perspective and soothe your frayed nerves.  If you really want to feel alive, go for a walk in the wind or rain – there’s plenty of opportunity for that right now! Forget slogging through uninspiring walks.  There’s no need to rush – the aim is walk as mindfully as you can.

Where do we start?

In the next week, take at least one 15-30 minute walk. You don’t have to go anywhere special; a walk around your local neighbourhood taken with an open frame of mind can be just as interesting as a hike through the mountains.

Be aware of all your…

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