A little exercise to improve your state of mind…


Stand up, lift your hands up above your head and lean your head backwards for 5-10 seconds. This is all it takes to change your state of mind and it can also be used when you are angry, upset or disappointed. If you are in a crowded room, and you do not want to lift your hands above your head, do a mini version and just tilt your head backwards. //Marianne

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  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, that is very kind of you! //Marianne 365days 🙂

    • psychospiritualfun says:

      I love your blog…every day, another drop of wisdom.:) (And, I love Sweden.:)) Hope you’re having a good holiday.

      • Marianne says:

        It makes me very happy that you like my blog! 🙂 And Sweden… Where are you located? Yes, I am having a great holiday, doing nothing… 🙂

      • psychospiritualfun says:

        That’s the best kind of holiday.
        I’m in Ottawa, Canada. Many years ago, I was an Au-Pair in Stockholm….when I was 5 years old, I wanted to find out all about the Vikings, so I made a deal with myself that one day I would go to the lands where they lived….after I finished my first university degree, I decided to, finally, go North…and I loved it!:)

      • Marianne says:

        That is a fantastic story, :). When I was 19 I got a job as an au-pair in Toronto. I was very exited, but 2 weeks before my flight I got a letter that said they had given the job to a relative instead. By then I had turned down a place at university, and with no job in sight I ended up working as an au-pair in England. It was ok, but I really, really wanted to go to Canada, :).

      • psychospiritualfun says:

        🙂 That’s so funny!
        (Hm, yes, Au-Pairs don’t get much respect.)
        What drew you to Canada?

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