Social abusers in polite society…

Honest Ergaster

We’re in Primal World: the tribe is sitting around the camp fire at night, talking about the day’s hunting and gathering. Brork is staring longingly at Uggup’s woman, so Uggup takes his club and gives Brork a good poke in the chest. Brork gets the message and the others have a good laugh. Uggup has made his point, and the social boundaries are confirmed.

Later in the evening Mongg fondles the breast of Tirrow’s daughter. Tirrow immediately swings his club and cracks Mongg on the head, knocking him senseless. The crowd cheers in approval. When Mongg comes round, he mutters an apology, and the clan knows there is little chance he will try that again. The social boundaries are drawn clearer still.

We’re in Modern Civilized World: a group of friends has gathered at their favorite pub and restaurant.  Ronald leaves to go the toilet, and Anton returns from the…

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