How to know if you’re having a kundalini awakening…

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Kundalini2Someone very close to me is currently going through a rather intense kundalini awakening.  Although potentially a great blessing when this happens suddenly and in a short period of time and encounters blockages it can be uncomfortable and disruptive. If you don’t know exactly what is happening it can also be frightening. 

Phsysical symptoms range from – muscle spasms, to itching, vibrating, crawling sensations (especially over the charka points); feelings of intense heat or cold; involuntary bodily movements; alterations in eating (loss of appetite or much greater appetite) and sleeping patterns; extreme hyperactivity or, conversely, overwhelming fatigue; intensified or diminished sexual desires;  headaches, pressures within the skull;  Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest AND one of the major signs – digestive system problems (Kundalini resides in the abdomen and that this distention is due to a purification of this area). 

Emotional symptoms include – Emotional outbursts, rapid mood shifts…

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