Attachment, Suffering and How to End It

The best part of this video, to me, is the quote at the end: “it’s hard to be attached when you’re grateful”…a way to end suffering. Love it!



 Don’t expect that you’ll get support from people just because they are related to you; don’t expect that people won’t help you  just because they aren’t.

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Source of Inspiration

I open to receive.
What does this mean, you ask.
I start with intention to receive.
I want contact with my Creator.
No, it is more than simple “want.”
I have a longing, a burning desire,
an unquenchable thirst, that has opened
me to awareness of, and desire for,
the Light.

From the deepest part of this
longing springs intention to receive
the Force. As I feel it fill my body and
soul, I consciously direct it to where
it is needed by placing my awareness
there. There are unlimited ways of
using the Force, both large and small.

With practice, we are able to receive and
use it with more clarity. It is a gift,
a summons, a calling. The Force is the
vital, Divine part of us. It is who we
are. We need only to draw our attention
to our inner most being and let our

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The Apology

The power of a sincere apology is transcendental. It kicks off a transformation; a release of pain and burden that has twisted the person whom you have wronged. S/he suddenly becomes more free; more her/himself; more whole.

If you have wronged someone, apologize…out of respect, for yourself and the other.

The Power of Apology – The Health Benefits, etc.

The Apology

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What is hypnotherapy and what it’s not…

Heart & Soul Rituals

Hypnosis helps a person achieve a focused state of mind through encouraging the rational, critical mind to temporarily relax. This creates an opportunity to communicate deeply and directly with the subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of all experiences. The inner resources of the subconscious mind have within itself access to both the cause and the cure of any discord in our life. Effectively utilizing hypnosis ensures all suggestions received are from your inner guidance and will create positive and long-lasting changes. What will YOUR inner guidance say?

What is hypnotherapy?

Your subconscious mind is the control center deep within your brain that directs everything you do, like the software in your computer. It doesn’t think or evaluate; that is the job of your conscious mind which stands guard to allow only what it wants to happen, like the input from your keyboard. Hence, if we wish to change behavior…

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