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How to do what you need to do…:)

Drops of Awareness

As I was looking through my FaceBook updates, I noticed so many people sharing wonderful things we can, might, and should do to be happy, wealth, healthy, in pictures, poems and phrases.

Rarely, however, do I see the “HOW!” I see why and what to do, yet for myself, I’m interested in the HOW, when I am inspired or motivated.

How much ‘stop doing this and stop doing that’ can we manage?
When does it become time for action?

Okay, we get it. I get it. According to you,  I ‘should’ stop this or that. So let’s say I AGREE!I do want to make a change!  Now what? Cat got your tongue? Easy to say — people should and shouldn’t — but where’s the MEAT? Or the juicy bits of the orange (per my friend Olalah Njenga).

Here’s the 7 HOWs  — your first few ‘get…

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