CONSCIOUSNESS the inside story

Copyright © 2012 by Steve Perrin.

Self-reflection is a process you go through to understand yourself better than you do now. In CONSCIOUSNESS: The Book, I call it introspection—looking inward. Basically, it is thinking about thinking. And about seeing-hearing-touching-smelling-tasting. And experiencing emotions. And remembering. And planning to do something. Self-reflection directs your personal attention to everything going on inside of yourself that you can become aware of at the time. Particularly to projects and relationships you are engaged with.

The problem with self-reflection is that nobody tells you it’s a good thing to do, much less how you might go about doing it.

This entire blog is about me self-reflecting on what concerns me at the time I write each separate post. Now I’m going to share the deep secret of how it is done. You simply pay attention to what’s going on in yourself. What concerns or interests or…

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