The Christian mystic in a nutshell…great post!


I write this today because it find that most people in modern mainstream America think that it is something out of Harry Potter.  A mystic is not a magician or practitioner of the occult.  Put simply a mystic is someone who thinks they can have a revelation directly from God, that God can, and does, speak to them personally.  Every religion has them, including Christianity.

Most people believe what they believe because they were taught it either from a church, their parents, or whoever.  They hopefully have then studied, put some thought into it, and prayed about it.  Some don’t put out that much effort and simply don’t want to be disobedient, so they buy the party line.  Either way, this is not the mystical approach.

Mystical Christianity can also be called experiential Christianity.  A mystic believes what they do based on an actual encounter with the divine.  They have…

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