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Marine isNeverBlue

People who never change are like marble statues. Cold stone, no emotions, they wear the same smile under the snow, rainy days and when the sun tickles their nose. People who never change are like trees, always part of the same landscape. They have the same haircut, the same shirt, the same girlfriend and the same job. People who never change fear everything, especially change. Change is like a big monster for them, a dark challenge, they would much rather wear the same slippers over and over again. I don’t fear anything but people who never change. Forever a train passenger, I remain scared to be caught in the still landscape.

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Earthly Angels

Can you hear those Earthly Angels?
Can you feel their presence near?
The gentle hand upon your back,
the whisper in your ear.

The one who comes to comfort,
and with you he abides.
Who holds you in his arms,
until your pain subsides.

The gentle nudge that says “turn left”,
When you started to turn right.
The one who comes to calm your fears,
In the darkness of the night.

The soft, warm hands upon your face,
as his voice whispers clear.
“Just look into my eyes, my love,
your soul is mirrored here.”

                                                                             ~D. OYLER

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I love Gretchen Del Rio’s art and the polar bear (symbol of purity, death, rebirth and transformation) is one of my favourite totem animals. 🙂

Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

Bear is the keeper of dream time. And bear has his own spirits to protect him.

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Your Brain in the Future

Cutting-edge neuroscience has escaped from the lab and is suddenly showing up everywhere, changing the way we practice law, go shopping—even, possibly, fall in love.
By Tim Jarvis
It’s been only a decade or so since the world got hardwired, “Google” became a verb, and texting turned into a lifestyle. But if you’re still struggling to thumb a message, brace yourself: A whole new revolution in neuroscience is about to shake up our world.

“Just as information technology has affected everything from the way we do business to human communication,” says Zack Lynch, executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization, “it will be the science of the brain that drives the fundamental changes of the future.” You can already see it starting to happen, and it may affect the way we spend our moneychoose our mates, and punish criminals. It could even change our concepts of guilt and innocence.

Five other predictions on how brain science may change the way we live:

We will see cures or vaccines for diseases of the aging brain, says Judy Illes, PhD, professor of neurology and Canada research chair in neuroethics at the University of British Columbia. In fact, better insight into brain function in general will lead to interventions for many diseases and an overall longer life expectancy.

Current technologies (such as video games) will merge with future ones (such as those involving neural feedback), so gamers might wear EEG-type caps that read their brainwaves and pick up their emotions. Conceivably, story lines would move forward in real time, the plot changing based on each person’s responses, says Zack Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, a market research and investment advisory firm.

The more we understand the neurobiology of learning—how the mind develops, what to make of differences between individual brains—the better we can “sculpt” teaching methods. Lynch predicts that educational software will be tailored to students’ individual brain patterns to improve math and language acquisition as well as creative thinking.

Drugs and devices that stimulate the brain to augment our performance and mobility (so that we can run farther and faster, for example) will someday help everyone from Olympians to paraplegics, according to Illes.

New tools such as real-time fMRI technology, Lynch says, promise to accelerate our capacity to access deeply meditative and spiritual states.