The Pleasure of Chocolate

Ahhh, chocolate; arguably the confection with the biggest fan base.  And much research has been done to discover why this is so. Some have pointed out the many medical benefits of chocolate. Other studies have shown that chocolate doesn’t have more mood-enhancing ingredients than many other foods, it may be that chocolate is so attractive simply because the smell and taste brings pleasure…and that’s mood-enhancing all on it’s own.

If you’d like to join the discussion, share recipes or just talk chocolate, click here on February 14 at 1:00 p.m. ET.


Valentine’s Day Chocolate for the Romantic Foodie


3 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Chocolate

  1. Love chocolate! What a great idea for a post and a chat!

  2. sarafoley says:

    I was at an exhibition opening last night and there was a bowl of handmade dutch waffles on the table to taste. A man I didn’t know commented that they were too sweet for him. I pointed to the chocolate brownie he held in his hand and asked him why that wasn’t too sweet…he said because chocolate is different! Too funny 🙂

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