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9 Brain Superfoods


Your brain controls every function in your body yet we rarely give it a  second thought.  And, few of us choose foods that protect or heal our  brain.  Here are some of the best foods for thought (literally):

1.¬† Spinach‚ÄĒMore than Just for Popeye

A study of middle-aged rats fed diets with added spinach, strawberry extract,  or vitamin E for nine months found that spinach proved most potent in protecting  nerve cells against the effects of aging in two parts of the brain.  More  research needs to be done but it looks like Popeye was building more than  muscles when he ate spinach.

2.  Benefits of Blue for Grey Matter

Blueberries contain a group of plant nutrients called  proanthocyanidins.  Proanthocyanidins have a unique capacity to protect  both the watery and fatty parts of the brain against damage from some  environmental toxins.  Proanthocyanidins decrease free radical activity  within and between…

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  1. Jim says:

    I thought I would pass on this nomination for the Liebster Blog Award as a token showing that I appreciate your blog. Think of it as a sign that people like me are enjoying the work you produce and as a thanks. Jim at http://onewebstrategy.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/liebster-award-a-bloggers-sign-of-thanks/

    • psychospiritualfun says:

      Thanks so much, Jim.:) I haven’t done much work here in a while, but I’ve also enjoyed your posts.

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