The Apology

The power of a sincere apology is transcendental. It kicks off a transformation; a release of pain and burden that has twisted the person whom you have wronged. S/he suddenly becomes more free; more her/himself; more whole.

If you have wronged someone, apologize…out of respect, for yourself and the other.

The Power of Apology – The Health Benefits, etc.

The Apology

How to Apologize Effectively: Responsibility, Restitution, Repentance

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A great blog featuring the whispers of Fear…

Fear's Thoughts..


You have to make people have a positive opinion about you.

It is very important, because than you will be more successful in buisness, you will have a better sex life and all in all, you will just be a queen/king.

So, how should you act in order to make them love you?

(A clue: just don’t be yourself)



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The Human Experience

Expectations are a part of all relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.  They are the deal breakers.

You expect others to be a certain way and, if you are intuitive enough, you get what you expect by expecting the right things from the right people.

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The Phantom Child

Is there anything else to be added to this? Basically, if you can’t defeat them, join them. They’re not always such a bad thing, as long as you control them somewhat. Don’t let them push you aside or stop you from doing something, learn to live your life even when they’re around you. Use them, rather than letting them use you.

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More great tips for relationships…


We all have heard about the ‘honeymoon phase’ that occurs in every relationship. Everything is new, fresh and exciting and we just can’t get enough of it, until it fades. It seems that everyone has just accepted that things can’t always be that fun as the years go on in a relationship, but why not?

If you want a relationship that always feels fresh, new and exciting the main component needed is EFFORT. Yes at first all these wonderful feelings come because technically everything is new, but when things get old how can you still hold onto the romance and the ‘spice?’ The answer is effort.

Couples united need to make a conscious effort to continue these good feelings and I’ll explain how easy this can be. Sure we all get comfortable and enter a routine, but conscious efforts can shake this up.

As in my previous post about ‘a…

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Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting Go

Forgiveness and Health

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