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Love Like a Black Belt!

Most of us have a lifetime of responding to the signals of others without regard for who we are or what we need or want.  The “art of being” is the order of the day; the art of knowing and accepting yourself, living in passion and joy; embracing and valuing fun and leisure.

Every day we are bombarded by erroneous and damaging messages in the culture that tell us that personal happiness, having fun, and self interest are bad and wrong, evil in some way, and not worthy or valuable pursuits.

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I never thought this was possible, but we live in a fabulous age of all kinds of possibility!:)

One Web Strategy

 Some folks do have all the luck — and psychologist Richard Wiseman can teach you how to be one of the lucky few.

BY Daniel H. Pink | June 30, 2003,

 “It’s better to be lucky than smart.” “You make your own luck in life.” “Some folks are just born lucky.” In an environment marked by rising tensions and diminished expectations, most of us could use a little luck — at our companies, in our careers, with our investments. Richard Wiseman thinks that he can help you find some.

Wiseman, 37, is head of a psychology research department at the University of Hertfordshire in England. For the past eight years, he and his colleagues at the university’s Perrott-Warrick Research Unit have studied what makes some people lucky and others not. After conducting thousands of interviews and hundreds of experiments, Wiseman now claims that he’s cracked the code. Luck…

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How to deal with loss…

When travel plans for your life are altered or interrupted and your new destination changes or is uncertain, what do you do? How do you live with the tension of having a new destination that’s way off in the distance yet knowing that if you just sit and wait for it, you’ll go stir crazy?  Here’s one solution to that dilemma.

The story of Ernest Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition has been told many times.  I first encountered this heroic journey in Alfred Lansing’s book Endurance.  It’s a captivating story of survival and courage that lasted 634 days and involved some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet.

This crew of courageous men under the exceptional leadership of Shackleton have become for me an example of what it looks like to maintain hope while dancing with circumstances that would demoralize and make quitters out of most of us.

One lesson we…

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It’s never too late….to change.

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Two years ago I bought a book while I was in Australia. Yesterday I found it in a box. It’s called “It’s never too late” and I want to share some words from it.

From the book “It’s never too late…” Patrick Lindsay



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