Down with Fairy Tales

A few weeks ago I read a wonderful post by blissfulblurbs, which asked the question: “Are we brainwashing girls with fairy tales“? Which led me to write this following rant (since this topic has been running around my head for a number of years) and to start by answering the question with a resounding “YES”.

Based on my knowledge of psychology and memories of my preschool years, I’ve realized that we make some of our most important decisions about what we believe about life and how it works and how we should be, before we even enter first grade; all future decisions are only refinements. We make it based on what surrounds us and if we’re surrounded by information that has little or nothing to do with real life, can we make decisions that will serve us well?

For example, in the world of fairy tales, my favourites were The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. In the first story, the girl kills herself rather than see her prince suffer; in the second, the girl keeps loving the beast until he turns into a beautiful prince. You can imagine what my love life (and how I relate to people in general) looks like today. I’m not kidding. And I realized that there is a fairy tale connection only when I was well, well into my adulthood.

I knew, as a child, that these stories were make-believe, but the imprint had been made regardless.

I’m not saying that it’s all the fault of the fairy tales that I enjoyed as a child, but the pattern is clearly there.

Would we not do better if gave our children a more realistic perspective on life (maybe letting them learn about nature, animals, other cultures) instead of exposing them to illusions in a misguided effort to preserve their “child-like innocence”?

Yup, this one is still waiting for her prince

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Believe the Impossible

“There is no use in trying”, said Alice.”One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice”, said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Lewis Carroll

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

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Risking security for everything you want…

The BELIEVE Coach, Nicholas Dillon

Security is one of the most basic human needs. Most people value security because feeling secure feels good. But is it possible that your need for security is actually inhibiting the fullness of your life?

If we look at most of the successful self-made people in the world, we’ll see that many of them had to endure what would be considered a large degree of insecurity. For example, according to studies, the average self-made millionaire went broke more than 3 times on the way to their monetary goals.

Most of us crave financial security, yet how many of us would be willing to put ourselves in situations where we might end up broke, just to achieve that security? Do these successful people have less need to feel safe? Perhaps they simply see security differently.

Here’s their secret…

Most very successful people feel secure the majority of the time. They’re secure…

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The amazing power of faith…

The Shining Man

What happens when you truly believe in something, believe in something to the point of delirium? Interesting things begin to happen, helping hands come out of nowhere and your eyes suddenly see things in a different light. When you have a ridiculous sense of belief in something, you are in effect tricking your subconscious brain!

It’s taken mainstream psychologists many years of study to catch up to things that have been going on underground, in the left field, in the lesser known books that have somehow only found their way into the hands of the (gasp!) “crazy” people of society. Have you ever met someone you thought was a little bit crazy or delirious in their undying belief in something?

Belief is an absolutely wonderful and powerful thing, and it can be used to benefit you or to destroy you and can lead you to glory or ruin. The greatest…

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Reiki – the basic basics

Technically, I am a Reiki Master. Given that I haven’t practiced much, however, I’ll call myself a “practitioner”.

I wanted to post a few words about the most basic aspects of doing Reiki on yourself, because they have worked for me.

First: if you aren’t familiar with the chakra system, please click here to get an idea of what it’s about.

Second: I won’t share the symbols, only because you’re not supposed to.* But, it doesn’t really even matter because it is the intent that you hold behind the symbol that matters (I believe). (It’s all about the intent and the belief.) So, you can use other symbols. For example, animal totems.

Third: there is much debate about the effect of your surroundings. I believe that they are important, because the consistency of their use helps you get into a specific frame of mind. In this case, a meditative frame of mind. So, do maintain the same body position**, do meditate in the same room, with the candles, with the crystals or whatever else you surround yourself with the first time that you do Reiki on yourself. And do get rid of clutter; it’s just aggravating, which doesn’t help with focus.

Fourth: ground yourself. There are many ways to do this. For example, imagine the power of the earth flowing into you from the bottom up and breathe in while you do this. Or, imagine your legs growing thick, long roots, deep into the ground.

Fifth: imagine a beam of white light flowing into you from the top of your head, like a column, through your chakras. (Or, let it flood your whole body or your entire energy field.) This is the Rei (the universal force), Gods healing energy, Gods love…

And those are the very basic basics.

If you like, you can use music or chakra chants and focus on each chakra, one by one. Or only ones that you feel need the most attention.

I mentioned using animal totems as symbols (which they are)…so, for example, if you want freedom (say, from emotional baggage), imagine a white horse (symbol of power and freedom) in your 3rd chakra and keep seeing her there for a few minutes (every day), letting the Rei come in, breathing, feeling your anxiety melting away.

I know that this post is much too short and there is much more to say. So, please, if you’re interested, ask and I’ll see if I have an answer.


*I’ve wondered whether I should post about Reiki at all; it seems to me that making something broadly public takes away from its sacredness, which leads to people not believing in it as much, which, in turn, makes it less effective…I’ll let you comment on that…:D

**although you can do this in pretty much any position, try to sit (with the soles of your feet (if you’re sitting on a chair) or legs on the floor), because standing or laying down will lead you to losing focus; the first because it becomes tiring, the second may lead you to sleep (mind you, if you want to fall asleep, this may be a pretty good sleeping aid. :))

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