The Pleasure of Chocolate

Ahhh, chocolate; arguably the confection with the biggest fan base.  And much research has been done to discover why this is so. Some have pointed out the many medical benefits of chocolate. Other studies have shown that chocolate doesn’t have more mood-enhancing ingredients than many other foods, it may be that chocolate is so attractive simply because the smell and taste brings pleasure…and that’s mood-enhancing all on it’s own.

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Valentine’s Day Chocolate for the Romantic Foodie



So, I was trawling around the internet, looking for interesting information regarding addiction, when I (somehow) arrived at posts such as these:

Strawberry Chocolate Muffins

Double Chocolate Mango Raspberry Shortcakes with Espresso Cream

Chocolate, Chili and Cinnamon Sorbet

…which are the most beautiful examples of one of my favourite addictions; maybe yours too. I don’t just admire the skill that it takes to make or photograph these creations, I get a visceral reaction. Just based on the visual, my other senses “know” what it would be like to experience these yummies live. The core of my body seems to fly into the computer screen in an effort to possess them…it is, in fact, a physical need….must have it…my precious!

This could be me one day. It could happen.

And isn’t that the crux of addiction? It’s a place of temporary refuge from what we fear; something  that may feel so much like a solution, in the moment, to the pain that we might end up sacrificing anything to get it and, so, it becomes a problem in itself?


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