Emotional Intelligence and Kids

A brief video that defines emotional intelligence and describes how to teach it to children.


The health benefits of art…:)

Ignite Your Life Though Action

My recent travels into researching therapies to help a friend recover from a stroke have yielded some interesting results. Art appreciation was recommended by research conducted at the University Tor Vergata School of Nursing in Rome. Compared were stroke survivors who enjoyed art and their quality of life after a stroke and those who did not. The numbers from the 192 study participants were a fairly equal split. Art in this study was described as music, painting, theatre. Recovery outcome for art lovers was described as:

“…of positive physical and mental health benefits. They had more energy, better general health and improved mobility. They were also happier, less anxious or depressed and had better memory and communication skills”.

If this does not sound positive enough, lead author Dr. Ercole Vellone, assistant professor in nursing science at the University Tor Vergata, said:

“The results underscore the value of lifelong exposure to…

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The 3 reasons for communication breakdown: aggression, repression and denial….


What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.

~George Levinger

In Psychology Today’s July/August issue, an article called, Advance Warning, discusses why sometimes even couples who seem happy often still end up getting a divorce. Author, Mary Diduch, says UCLA researchers tracked couples for 10 years and found certain patterns that lead to divorce were present from the beginning. Negative characteristics such as: aggression, anger and contempt can sometimes outweigh the the positives: commitment, lack of stress or strengths in personality.

Diduch notes that in the beginning of a marriage, the good times are still outweighing the bad, until eventually, communication breaks down. Three main reason for this: aggression, repression and denial.

Aggression in seemly healthy couples may just boil down to the lack of controlling our tempers. (The article points to husbands, but I…

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Baby-talk finally decoded…another great post by Sugarbabies…

The Sugarbabies Online

Oprah Winfrey show about 5 words babies use to communicate with adults. Priscilla Dunstan shares her secret on the show. I found this very helpful when my first daughter was born.

For a longer, more detailed video, click here.

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More great tips for relationships…


We all have heard about the ‘honeymoon phase’ that occurs in every relationship. Everything is new, fresh and exciting and we just can’t get enough of it, until it fades. It seems that everyone has just accepted that things can’t always be that fun as the years go on in a relationship, but why not?

If you want a relationship that always feels fresh, new and exciting the main component needed is EFFORT. Yes at first all these wonderful feelings come because technically everything is new, but when things get old how can you still hold onto the romance and the ‘spice?’ The answer is effort.

Couples united need to make a conscious effort to continue these good feelings and I’ll explain how easy this can be. Sure we all get comfortable and enter a routine, but conscious efforts can shake this up.

As in my previous post about ‘a…

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