Here’s One for the People Pleasers

So simple; so effective.

The world will NOT fall apart if you follow this advice and YOUR world will be much more rewarding.

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You have to make people have a positive opinion about you.

It is very important, because than you will be more successful in buisness, you will have a better sex life and all in all, you will just be a queen/king.

So, how should you act in order to make them love you?

(A clue: just don’t be yourself)



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Depression–A journey of 101,1001 days or of a Life Time

Real-life strategies that will help you to actually accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself this year from ©Real Simple

New year, new you. It’s the perennial January catchphrase that holds such conquer-the-world promise. And then, well, you get sidetracked with conquering your to-do list. But even the loftiest resolutions (running a marathon, writing a book) don’t have to fall by the wayside come February. Staying motivated―and achieving what you set out to do on that bright New Year’s Day―is surprisingly possible. Just follow these nine mantras, provided by researchers who study motivation and backed up by women who have used them to realize their biggest ambitions.

1. When you make a plan, anticipate bumps. Before even trying to achieve a goal, target potential pitfalls and troubleshoot them. Peter Gollwitzer, a professor of psychology at New York University, in New York City, says that people who plan for obstacles are…

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When You’re Smiling….

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