Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness

Some of history’s great philosophers and their views on:

  • self-confidence
  • love
  • hardship
  • anger
  • happiness
  • self-esteem

Documentaries on Everything

I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but I’m as psyched as if I’d struck gold….what I’ve found is a site with reams of documentaries on all kinds of topics. So, I’ll list a few that are relevant to this blog:

Religion and Spirituality

The History of Angels

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life

Mysteries of the Bible

The Story of God


Pleasure and Pain

Human Instinct

The Secret You – on human awareness

Brain Story

Somewhere in Between

Mystical Brain

Life After Life

Secrets of the Psychics

Mind you, (I just realized that) there are entire sections on Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Health on the site itself…so, enjoy…you know what I’ll be doing over the next while…:D

Reincarnation and Near-death Experiences

Interview with Dr.Brian Weiss about past life regression and reincarnation.

A brief interview with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross about the near death experience.

BBC Documentary on Near Death Experiences

Related: Surrounded by Love and Light – a near death experience, Life After Death? – near death experiences and atheism,The Mystery of Near-Death Experience– process, history, arguments, Does the Near Death Experience Invite Us for a New Spirituality, a Paradigm Shift?, Beyond and Back – Bio TV videos, NDE Phenomena – a scientific perspective, Heaven Is for Real – a book review

Neuroplasticity and Meditation

The more you think about things, the more you think about things.

Introduction to NeuroplasticityDr. Rick Hanson – You Can Change Your Brain, Meditation Hope for Mental Health, Meditation Changes the Brain, And Relax…..Why Meditation Could Boost Your Health, The Neurobiology of “We”

Changing Your Mind – A CBC Documentary 

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