The Pleasure of Chocolate

Ahhh, chocolate; arguably the confection with the biggest fan base.  And much research has been done to discover why this is so. Some have pointed out the many medical benefits of chocolate. Other studies have shown that chocolate doesn’t have more mood-enhancing ingredients than many other foods, it may be that chocolate is so attractive simply because the smell and taste brings pleasure…and that’s mood-enhancing all on it’s own.

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Valentine’s Day Chocolate for the Romantic Foodie


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The 7 Habits of Highly Happy People


Highly happy people all share happy habits.  It’s as simple as that. The happiest people I know  share seven very  obvious habits. If you’re looking to expand your general  happiness, you  may consider adopting these in your own life.

1. Be a part of something you believe in. This could be anything. People may take an active role in their   local city council, find refuge in religious faith, join a social club   supporting causes they believe in, or find passion in their careers. In  each  case, the physiological outcome is the same. They engage themselves  in  something they strongly believe in. This engagement brings happiness  and  meaning into their lives.

2. Share time with friends and family. A happy life is a  life shared with friends and family. The stronger  the personal relationships  are and the higher the frequency of  interaction, the happier a person will  be.


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