It’s Never Too Late

Eighty-year-old Janey Cutler on Britain’s Got Talent

…but there’s no need to wait too long either. So, if you’ve got it, GO FOR IT!


Great way to prepare for the unknown…

It has been said that we will fail at the margins of our experience. With such a statement we can draw a couple conclusions:

  1. Preparation opposes failure.
  2. Experience is extremely valuable.
  3. If you find yourself in a situation you haven’t been before, the chances for failure are higher.

This holds true for most folks, whether you’re in the work place or fighting for our freedom overseas. The same is true for those of us that have sport as a career, too. Never given a keynote speech before? The odds are against you on that first one, my friend. How about a marathon runner from Los Angeles who has signed up for an event at altitude in Colorado? She is already set up for more failure than those with altitude training under their belt. 

But, what if our goals include things that are beyond the realm of our experience? How can…

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