Legend Of A Nomad

Is there any credibility and value in states of “trance”, and if so, what can we gain from them?

Trance states are a legacy from what we call “primitive” cultures. When performed properly, they can introduce significant elements of traditional wisdom into our modern vision. The deep experiences in these states have proven that the representations of the universe developed by primitive societies are not only based on superstition or some magical way of thinking, but also on the direct experience of another reality. In some states of trance we can experience a journey into other existent dimensions, by diving into a huge pool of ancestral memories that illustrate various aspects of nature and the universe. These revelations allow us to get a glimpse of the outline of a new global concept of ourselves.

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Good tips from Pinterest…

Being is a Verb

I love Pinterest.


Like… if Pinterest were a person, she’d be my uber-best friend (no offense meant Jessica!).  We’re just that cool together.

I don’t care about the copyright debates; I just love that someone came up with a bookmarking system that works for someone as visual as I am.  And I also love that any time of day or night, I can wander on to Pinterest and find something interesting to inspire or amuse me.  I’m sure my family loves that Pinterest also encourages me to get out of the blah-blah dinner rut too.

So I was thinking about that and it occurred to me that I shouldn’t keep all the Pinterest wonderfulness to myself.  Amazing as it seems to ME, there are still people out there who have not discovered the amazeballs of Pinterest.  (And a handful of folks who just refuse to imbibe the…

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