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Love Like a Black Belt!

Most of us have a lifetime of responding to the signals of others without regard for who we are or what we need or want.  The “art of being” is the order of the day; the art of knowing and accepting yourself, living in passion and joy; embracing and valuing fun and leisure.

Every day we are bombarded by erroneous and damaging messages in the culture that tell us that personal happiness, having fun, and self interest are bad and wrong, evil in some way, and not worthy or valuable pursuits.

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How to achieve work/life balance…

By Rebecca J. Richardson and Maia Sciupac

At work, we’re gearing up for a conference. The pervading atmosphere is one of chaos as we race to meet deadlines and complete all the tasks required to make the event run smoothly. I want to be one of those people that can be cool, calm and collected when everyone around you is losing their heads.

But how can I be, when I am overworked, overloaded and overwhelmed?

Living a Balanced Life

In my years working, I have operated under the assumption this equation was correct:

I always thought that if you’re really working hard, then people should be able to see it. Those bags under my eyes? It  demonstrates I really was up until 3am editing the conference material we need printed.  The poor, sallow looking skin with break outs? I don’t have time to make sure I am eating well. I only…

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